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Happy Liver Happy Life

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The liver is a critical cleansing organ. The liver is responsible for creating Glutathione, the endogenously made antioxidant, which is important for fighting free radicals. Supporting liver function with ingredients like milk thistle may help the production of glutathione. The liver carries the most burden of detoxifying all of the environmental and internal toxins like alcohol, tobacco, prescription and non-prescription drugs, hormone laden meats, mercury in fish, fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides, toxins in beauty products, the hormone disrupting chemicals found in synthetic fragrances, off-gassing furnishings and interior finishes, cleaning products, particulates and more. Without supporting the liver, potential toxic substances in our bodies can build up causing inflammation. The liver has to go through an intricate dual phase of detox (phase 1 and 2). Most cleanses only support phase 1. Cleansing the liver and the body on a cellular level can take years and most people tend to give up just as they’re about to have a healing breakthrough. That’s why we’ve created a gentle three prong approach to help guide and support your cleansing journey. Here are a some helpful tips: > Drink plenty of fresh spring or filtered water > Switch to non toxic beauty products and household cleaning products > Invest in shower filters for your home > Remove synthetic fragrances from your home > Eat plenty of locally sourced organic vegetables with an emphasis on green leafy vegetables > Increase soluble fiber in your diet > Support your elimination system > Remove white sugar from your diet Contact us to learn more about Nurtured Nests Body + Home cleansing program and products. Happy Liver Happy Life!

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