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Combat Environmental Toxins with ION* Gut Support

You probably know about the effects of glyphosate on the human body. But did you know that

studies show glyphosate levels are actually higher in our pets?

Dogs are known to have 32 times higher levels of glyphosate than the human average, with cats

showing 16 times the human average.

Besides coming in contact with the chemical outside, studies have also shown higher levels of

glyphosate in the food that they eat. The most contaminated pet food results in glyphosate

exposure that, at the high end, is roughly 25% above the average daily intake for humans.

One way to limit the effects of glyphosate on your furry family members is to feed them a raw

food diet. However, that may not always be possible. Another way to help protect your pets is

to introduce them to ION*Gut Health For Pets.

ION*Gut Health For Pets is a gut-strengthening, vitality-boosting supplement sourced from 60-

million-year-old soil that is shown to naturally support your pet’s microbiome and defend

against toxins such as glyphosate.

Terrahydrite®️, the active ingredient in ION*Gut Health For Pets, does for their gut and brain

what it does for ours, going beyond the scope of other supplements to support gut health,

vitality, and immune function.


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